In this theme, the aim is to design G2D inks to label and non-invasively track cell populations administered in cell therapy protocols. The G2D inks will be fabricated to offer multiple signals (Raman, photoluminescence, NIR, magnetic, radiological) relevant to biomedical imaging, by: a) selecting and synthesising molecules used as the ink exfoliating agents; b) choosing the elemental make-up of different 2D materials; and c) controlled self-assembly and stacking of different 2D material sheets.


Theme Members

Academic Staff

CinziaCasiraghi Prof Cinzia Casiraghi
Professor in Nanoscience

Academic Theme Lead

 NicolaTirelli Prof Nicola Tirelli
Professor of Polymers & Biomaterials
 Igor Larrosa Prof Igor Larrosa
Professor in Organic Chemistry

Research Staff

 YuYoungShin Dr Yuyoung Shin
Research Associate


Industrial Champion

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