In this theme, the goal is to design, test and approve, clinical grade electro-conductive graphene substrates and device surfaces (e.g., electrodes) for improved interfacing properties and biocompatibility with neural cells and tissues . The aim is to use G2D coating or printing onto surfaces to: a) electrically stimulate cells and tissues by wired and wireless means; b) build sensing capabilities (e.g., temperature, pH) that will be battery‐free and powered by absorbing radio waves (RFID technology, also enabled by printed electronics) for remote sensing applications.

Theme Members

Academic Staff

Kostya-Novoselov-02_160x200 Prof Sir Kostya Novoselov
Professor of Physics

Academic Theme Lead

 Robert-Dryfe-01_160x200 Prof Robert Dryfe
Professor in Chemistry
Zhirun Hu Dr Zhirun Hu
Senior Lecturer
Prof Cinzia Casiraghi
Professor in Nanoscience

Research Staff

  Dr Balakrishna  Ananthoju
Research Associate
Dr Yuyoung Shin
Research Associate


Industrial Champion

Galvani Bioelectronics
Theme II Industrial Champion
Dr Daniel Chew
Industrial Champion Referent