In this theme, the aim is to design G2D inks to label and non-invasively track cell populations administered in cell therapy protocols. The G2D inks will be fabricated to offer multiple signals (Raman, photoluminescence, NIR, magnetic, radiological) relevant to biomedical imaging, by: a) selecting and synthesising molecules used as the ink exfoliating agents; b) choosing the elemental make-up of different 2D materials; and c) controlled self-assembly and stacking of different 2D material sheets.

Theme Members

Academic Staff

CinziaCasiraghi Prof Cinzia Casiraghi
Professor in Nanoscience

Academic Theme Lead

Igor Larrosa Prof Igor Larrosa
Professor in Organic Chemistry

Research Staff

Dr Sandra Vranic
Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Dr Matthew Boyes
Research Associate