In this theme, the aim is to develop G2D-based membranes for topical applications to accelerate  wound healing and to promote wound antimicrobial resistance. ‘Smart’ membranes are envisioned by: a) control of selective permeability via chemical or physical modification for specific ions, water and other small molecules to modulate biological responses; b) incorporation of sensing features onto the membrane as an indicator of tissue physiology; c) release of therapeutic molecules from the membrane on-demand; and d) design of electroconductive membranes for synergistic biological effects.

Theme Members

Academic Staff

rahul Prof Rahul Raveendran Nair
Professor of Material Physics
Royal Society University
Research Fellow

Academic Theme Lead 

Dr Philip Day
Reader in Synthetic Biology
and Quantitative Genomics

Academic Theme Co-Lead

Research Staff

Dr Swathi Suran
Research Associate
 Dr Negin Kamyar
Research Associate

Industrial Champion

Smith_&_Nephew.svg Smith & Nephew
Theme I Industrial Champion
 Dr Darren Wilson
Theme I Industrial Champion
Lead Scientist