The 2D-Health research programme brings together a team of internationally renowned and highly esteemed multi-disciplinary researchers as well as world-leaders in G2D research. This team aims to utilise unique properties offered by G2D materials and technologies to develop innovative solutions for specific unmet clinical needs in wound care and management, relevant to diabetes and orthopaedics (Theme I); cell therapeutics, relevant to cardiovascular disease (Theme II); and immunotherapeutics, relevant to cancer (Theme III).

These three themes are underpinned by the Chemistry and Pre-clinical Cores. The Chemistry Core will explore different modification strategies to functionalise G2D materials that will be applicable in more than one theme. The Pre-clinical Core will facilitate the development of G2D material in the specific biomedical application, which will be influenced by the needs of the Industry Champions. It is hoped that working collaboratively with industrial partners will facilitate rapid clinical translation. Additionally, ethicists and regulators will provide input to ensure responsible and societally-acceptable innovations.