Joining the Bluedot festival for outreach activity was great fun experience, even compared to other outreach activities. There was variety of people coming to enjoy the festival, from families with toddlers to many others who were genuinely interested in development of science and technology. Lots of people showed interest in graphene and its possible applications, including A-level student couples who seemed to know much about graphene already, a few University of Manchester Alumni, and some people working in industry wanting to know how graphene can be used in their specific field. Many of adults already heard of graphene and its wonderful properties before and wanted to know more about possible applications and found it interesting to hear its possible applications in health applications and very much impressed with its potential uses in drug delivery, bio-imaging, sensors, etc. Moreover, the festival offered much more for us participants to enjoy, including many talks, exhibitions and music stages to go around to pick and listen. It was a weekend full of excitement and enjoyment to share with great people, especially our team members who shared the experience together.