Dr Jose Munuera Theme II PDRA


Jose graduated in Chemistry from the University of Oviedo in 2013 and obtained a Master’s Degree in Chemistry in 2014 from the same University. He then started his PhD in Materials Science at the Carbon Science and Technology Institute (INCAR-CSIC) under the supervision of Prof. J. M. D. Tascon and Dr. J. I. Paredes, funded by a University Teacher Training PhD fellowship from the Spanish Ministry of Science and Education. His PhD work comprised the preparation of 2D nanosheet dispersions in liquid phase, with a strong focus on graphene prepared through electrochemical exfoliation, as well as the applications of 2D materials in the fields of energy storage, catalysis and removal of pollutants. After finishing his PhD, he joined the 2D-Health project in 2020 as a post-doctoral research associate to work on the electrochemical exfoliation of graphene for biomedical imaging applications.