Dr Yuyoung Shin, Theme II PDRA

Yuyoung obtained her BSc Honours degree in Chemistry from University of Sussex in 2010, then completed an MPhil in Chemistry from University of Cambridge in 2012, working with Dr Mark Miller on thermodynamics of charged nano-droplets. Following this, she undertook her PhD in chemistry funded by the EPSRC, with Prof Cinzia Casiraghi at University of Manchester, working on synthesis and characterisation of graphene-based membranes, with a focus on the synthesis of graphene via liquid-phase exfoliation and characterisation of various types of graphene and other 2D crystal membranes using Raman spectroscopy. After the completion of her PhD in 2017, she joined the 2D-Health project as a post-doctoral research associate focusing on synthesis of graphene and other 2D crystal inks for biomedical imaging applications. YuYoungShin